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new single “I’ll never stop Loving you”


Save Me The Heartache

by Heather Jeanette

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Heather Jeanette


Heather Jeanette is a RIAA Certified Multi Platinum Songwriter/Producer. She began her career as a songwriter signed to one of the most in demand mixing engineers in the music industry, Serban Ghenea. Heather has written and produced for artists including Selena Gomez, Jojo Siwa, Kelly Clarkson, and Jason Derulo, as well as had music placed on Disney, ABC, MTV, Facebook and more. She continues to write in Los Angeles and Nashville for herself as well as other artists; and will be releasing more music in 2019.

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Selena Gomez - “B.E.A.T.” - Writing and Background Vocals

Jojo Siwa - “Boomerang” - Writing/Production/Background Vocals (Certified RIAA Platinum)

Jason Derulo - “Don’t Wanna Go Home” - Production (Certified RIAA Platinum)

Kelly Clarkson - “Einstein” - Production

Rosie McClelland - “Handstand” and “LA LA” - Writing

Annie LeBlanc - “2 Sides” - Writing and Production

Kendall K - “Where Would I Be Without You” - Writing

Jessica Jarrell - “How Would I” - Writing

Heather Jeanette - “Save Me The Heartache” - Writing and Production

Film/TV Placements

Disney’s “Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil” Official Trailer - “Darkness” by X V I

Disney’s “Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil” TV Trailer - “Vengeance” by PØRTALS

Samsung Commercial: Power of 10 - “Keep Up” by Chelsea Grams

TV Placements on A&E, ABC, MTV, Facebook and more.

Heather Jeanette Co-wrote “Darkness” in Disney’s Official Trailer for “Maleficent 2”


Featured press

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Heather Jeanette releases new single “I’ll Never Stop Loving You”


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Heather Jeanette stops by Radio Disney Country to talk with Betsy Spina about “Save Me The Heartache.”


entertainment Focus country

Heather Jeanette releases new single “Save Me The Heartache”